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Six ways to fix flaky Web UI tests

Test automation at the Web UI level (you know, Selenium stuff) is usually a pain in the arse. It is usually also the only test-automation approach people are aware of/interested in (for whatever reasons). Below are several suggestions on how one can make her/his UI test automation at the Web UI level less painful and flaky.
1. Retry failed steps Each test consists of several steps. Because of various reasons, those steps from time to time fail with no apparent reason. Retrying failed step may save your test from failing.

Helps with:
Unresponsive, slow UIElements being shown with a delayWrong moon phase [1]Drawbacks:
Sometimes it is just a waste of time, especially when the real issue is being "retried"Even worse: sometimes it may hide real issue that would go away after some time or page refresh 2. Retry failed tests From time to time - odds are just against you with a specific test run. Everyone, whoever had a misery to work with Web UI-test automation has seen this. Sometime…