Industry Carelessness

Looking through the LinkedIn feed I see a horrible thing. I think we can call it "Industry Carelessness". I see lots of posts of the kind:
  • Automating testing using XXXXium
  • Digital transformation using microservices architecture (please download our brochure)
  • We will transform you business, here's how
And so on. This is very disturbing. It is like "we don't know what the problem you have (if any) but we have a solution already!" Moreover, I worked for a company which whole business model was like that, which was delivering what it had in place instead of what was necessary.

I interviewed employees who did not know where we were but already knew where we should go and how do we go there.

"Ok, we shall do this and that".
"Hold on a second, don't you want to know what we already do and what results we get?
"Not necessary, industry goes into that direction so let's do thing 'right'"

And even worse, I was once the one who did not understand what was really happening but was eager to suggest disruptive measures to "fix things". It was a great experience - on the job interview where I was asked about "ideal test automation process" and I described Pretotyping, BDD, TDD and testing in production.

"We will get awesome time to market" - I bragged happily
"Yes. You are right. The thing is that time to market is not actually our concern... Our concern is that we have lots of issues in production and that badly affects our business" - calmly said the guy who was interviewing me
"Oh, shi~"

So chances are that my treatment would be worse then disease. Or, more accurate, they were for the wrong disease.

So hereby I want to share a dream with you.
I have a dream where companies cares about their customers, who tell "We don't know the solution yet, but promise to understand your problem and do our best to solve it. If we fail we will suggest other company who could do this better".
I have a dream where employees first understand what is wrong before "fixing" it, and me being among them (so I hope not to repeat this mistake again).
I have a dream where my feed full of thought-provoking posts, for instance "Ok, that was the problem, we tried this and here how it is worked - let's discuss".
I have a dream where we and companies care.

Say no to Industry Carelessness.


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