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Exploratory testing and bug hunting fun

Being Developer In Test specialist, I do lots of coding, automating, meeting, refactoring, code reviewing and other related things these days. I do enjoy most of my daily activities, and I didn't think that being forced to do some manual testing stuff can be anything interesting to me. Chances turned, though, that I was the only QA-focused specialist in a team and we had to provide quality feedback on a product that had had little (close to not at all) unit test coverage. Being inspired by James Bach's and Michael Bolton's Rapid Software Testing methodology , I devised exploratory test session plan for the application, distributed activities between team members and did my best to find any possible issues in the application we worked on. Being overwhelmed by regular work activities, I couldn't even imagine how fun this bug hunt could be! I found quite a few issues, and I felt being House, M.D., detective Columbo, or somebody of a similar fashion. I was chasing a