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The biggest damage of COVID-19 pandemic may be caused by us

Arguably, the biggest damage made by the pandemic is the decline in people's trust and morale. That is the common plot for a horror movie - a group of people get locked in one place. Then something goes wrong, people get suspicious towards each other, then kill each other one by one, only to learn that it was someone's else evil game. Congrats folks - now we can find ourselves living in such movie. Today in one of the social networks somebody has complained that the cashier at the local shop, who was appearing in his 70s was coughing for 15 seconds. The person complaining was scared that cashier might be spreading COVID-19. The comments were divided. The minority has, rightfully, mentioned that coughing may be as well a symptom of quite common long-term conditions, which pose no threat to the public - like Asthma or Lung Cancer. The majority though were getting quite critical or even aggressive. People would suggest that those exposing any COVID-like symptoms should be