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Agile, testing and more frequent deliveries.

Yet another time I think I see people using word Agile wrong. Yet another guy claimed "we need to have more predictability and stability so I think we would go for Agile methodologies, Scrum in particular". Nonsense. I don't think that "predictability, stability, whatevershitability" has anything to do with Agile. If you start Agile transformation with such a goal you've already failed. Agile is about maximizing value delivery rate in a state of uncertainty, that's pretty much what it is. If your business is uncertain as hell why do you think that "predictability" with engineering teams is going to fix things? It is not. Worse, if you make engineering teams predictable while having unpredictable environment, you will miss the whole point and make things worse while still thinking you're doing fine. Nonsense. An agile team is about removing management layers between engineering and customer, not making management happier.

Test automation framework architecture. Part 2.1 - Layered architecture example

Let's consider an example of what Layered (Tiered) architecture may look like for a test automation framework. As a system under test, we're going to use this simple and neat "Todo list" application. First, let's do a brief analysis of the application. From my brief exploration I came up with the following checklist: Area/Group Things to check Comments Todos CRUD 1 Create item Basic scenario, UI-level case 1.1 Create an item with the same name The case is not valid. There's no validation for that - nothing to check really. 1.2 Create an item with an empty/not valid/malicious name While it would be a nice thing to test manually, from test automation standpoint I would expect this to be filtered on service or repository level, so either integration or unit test . 2 Mark item complete Basic scenario, UI-level case 2.1 Un-mark item complete Basic scenario, UI-level case 3 Delete item Basic scenario, UI-level case 3.1 Delete item