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Two different views on Test Automation

I have published several posts with the aim to deliver one message - sometimes it is more efficient (fast and convenient) to change the application under test (make it more testable or eliminate the need for testing at all) then invent or employ complicated test automation techniques to check the same functionality. Even though there was a lot of misunderstanding caused by badly forming those posts, I still think I stroke something deeper. For instance, this twitter post made me think that we speak two different languages: That's like asking a pharma company to self-certify that their drugs are safe without any independent approval! #softwaretesting #CIO — Ayush Trivedi (@ayushtrivedi) 4 September 2017 Now it started to seem to me that there're two different views on what test automation is. First, probably prevailing point of view is that test automation is a part of ages-old traditional QA process, where test automation specialist is just a test specialist usin